School Photographs – Merseyside, Cheshire & Lancashire

“Martin produced some brilliant aerial photos of the school, not only capturing a unique photographic perspective of the students, but also provided a low-cost solution to inspecting the school roof.

Robert Heibel – West Kirby Grammar School

We do a Pre-Fight Check to ensure the appropriateness and undertake an appropriate level of Risk Assesment to ensure that our Drone is managed in a fail safe manner. We are accountable for our actions in managing the flight to current Civil Aviation requirements as detailed in the Guidance on the Safety Rules and Air Navigation Orders.

Making a Plan

We received an enquiry from West Kirby Grammar School. Working with their staff we came up with a risk assed plan of action for the shoot.

Photoshopping the final shoots.

Sometimes we need to take do some work on the image to remove some unsightly aspects of School Photographs. In this case we were able to remove a road that would otherwise have spolided a great school shot.

Licensed, Insured and DBS checked.

In this case we worked with the school to ensure the necessary safety standards were applied for a Drone to operate over the schools playing field adjacent to a railway track. As well as having the necessary CAA licensing for commercially operating a Drone we also have public liability insurance and our drone pilot has an enhanced DBS check available to view.

West Kirby Grammar School

Farnborough Road, Junior School

For this shot we dropped the school logo onto the roof of the shelter. Taken very early in the morning hence the long shadows. The school marked out the playground with chalk and did a practice the day before. We were set up for a 9.15 shoot straight after registration. The good organisation by the teaching staff got the kids back to their classes by 9.30 having had the excitement of waving at the Drone.

Printing and Mailing to Parents

Parents love school prints.

Price depends on size from a few pence to £10 for a 16 inch print.

An example of a sales plan we could offer:

  • The school send out a letter to all kids offering print for say £17.50 inc. post and package. (We will print the letter for you).
  • The offer allows parents password access to a website page to order. (Our server has the necessary security certificates)
  • The offer is limited to a time window of say 2 weeks.
  • Payment can be by paypal or credit card. We have facilities to process.
  • At the end of the time window we submit a list of orders to you for approval.
  • We print, pack and post the pictures in cardboard tubes.
  • We will give the school £5 for each order.

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