The Civil Aviation Authority control the use of drones for commercial use.

It is therefore essential that all work undertaken using a Drone complies with the legal requirements.

If you don’t have a Permission for Aerial Work (“PFAW” ) from the Civil Aviation Authority then providing commercial services would be illegal.

Landowner’s rights in relation to Drones.

This article seeks to explain the rights and responsibilities of Landowners in relation to overflight by Small Unmanned Air Vehicles often referred to as Drones.

Air Navigation: The Order and Regulations

Published for the use of those concerned with air navigation, but not to be treated as authoritative (see Foreword) CAP 393

Paragraph (5) The person in charge of a small unmanned aircraft must not fly the aircraft for the purposes of aerial work except in accordance with a permission granted by the CAA.


Air Navigation Order 2016
PERMISSION -Small Unmanned Aircraft/ Small Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft

The Civil Aviation Authority, in exercise of its powers under Article 166(5) and Article 167(1) of the Air
Navigation Order 2009, as amended, hereby permits Martin Maynard trading as ML Aerial Photography, (“the person in charge”) being the person in charge of a Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) / Small Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft (SUSA)

Civil Aviation Authority

Date: 19/06/2019
Ref: 20190619Martin Maynard And Sarah Love Trading As ML Aerial PhotographyPAndEUAS2148

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