Martin has done some excellent work with his drone this year. This is to help us analyse how our objectives are being achieved particularly to make festival goers more aware of waste management issues and how they can contribute to a more sustainable festival.

Chris Edwards
Strategic Operations Manager, Glastonbury Festival

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Drone Hire – When you need to show the bigger picture!


  • ML Aerial Photography can hire you a Drone for just about any activity.

    Land and property surveying, marketing images, visual surveys on tall/high structures.

    We assist with the production of a video for TV, documentary and corporate video offering unique aerial footage.

We can fly our drone into places where it would be very dangerous to access. Big saving on the cost of scaffolding and of all the health and safety issues associated with people working at height.

Watch in real time, the video is streamed to our operator on the ground so you can see exactly what is being filmed or photographed in high resolution

As a surveyor, for example, you might like to have some good imaging of a roof, spire or chimney.  Perhaps your designer wants a good overview shot for promotional material.  We have a lot of experience at festivals and events creating imaging of the before and after for environmental audit.

Hire a Drone, we fly it and take care of the legal requirements while you control the camera taking the shots you want.

We can fly up to 400 feet high and meet the legal requirements for flying in congested areas that would otherwise only achievable by expensive helicopters or cranes.

The Drone allows you to see things you couldn’t see easily before.

Drone Environment


Drones / SUAVs are fast becoming an essential tool for environmental monitoring, crop inspection. Survey work such as the inspection of flood defenses and land drainage. Flying low over the area the pictures captured give a precise and detailed evidence and the exact location of concern.  Frequent flights over the same area can provided constant monitoring indicating change for the better or worse.

We can program the drone to make a sweep pattern over the area. The Aerial Photography pictures can then be mapped on to an OS map of the area to provided high detail with positional accuracy.

Drone Land Survey


The precision technology that has driven the farming revolution of recent years extends far above the seat of the tractor. monitoring crops from the sky gives an unprecedented examination of your crop growth.

Hire a Drone to create Aerial Photography images of your fields. Fly over hundreds of acres in a single flight can give you the overall picture of your crop growth. With simple manipulation of the ground colour, problem areas can be immediately identified.

You can then target with precision areas of concern.

Drone Roof Inspection


Before Aerial Photography using Drones, it was a difficult and expensive task to climb a building or bring in high lift inspection lifts or cranes. This can now be achieved much more cost-effectively so building inspections. Roofs, chimneys, towers, stadiums, wind turbines, church spires, etc., can easily and cost effectively be managed.

ML Aerial Photography can give you a series of high resolution images and or high definition video of hard to reach structures. Our remote monitor allows you to review the image in real time and guide the drone to areas of concern that may be noticed during the flight.

Drone Housing


They say a picture can tell a 1000 words so if you are selling something where you would like the public to see your venue. Whether it be s hotel, golf course, leisure complex in the best light then a high resolution shot from above can highlight the beauty of your client’s premises.

Using a drone an estate agent can show not just the house but also its setting, views and surrounding area. Video to can be created to give a fly by shot that can be used alone or edited into other footage so show off the location at its best.

Aerial Photography

Using our Small Unmanned Air Vehicle (commonly known as a Drone) mounted with a high resolution camera we can get you the picture cost effectively and quickly.

Just book a shoot using our ‘Flight Booking Request’ form and we will let you know what we can do and how much it will cost.

So give us a shot 🙂

Based in Southport, we can cover Merseyside and surrounding counties of Cheshire and Lancashire quickly and further afield by arrangement.

We can shoot stills and video in locations where we can safely take off and land. This could be from your forecourt to check the roof or in open countryside flying around a point of interest.

The weather can be restrictive so we like to plan our workload for a days shoot. To be cost effective we can plan your shots in with other work, so if for example you are an Estate Agent with a portfolio of properties to photograph on a regular basis we can look at the weather and plan our time accordingly.

School Photographs

Professional Drone Hire

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